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We pledge to place student’s interest first and to empower them from all parts of the world with any background to pursue their higher education!

The Centre for Executive Education functions effectively under the School of Commerce & Management Studies (SCMS), Dayananda Sagar University who engages primarily with the working professionals in this challenging and vibrant global economy.

Dayananda Sagar Institutions was founded by, Late Sri Dayananda Sagar who was determined and committed to impart knowledge to the people, thereby in a want to transform today’s students into a responsible citizens and professional leaders of tomorrow. Dayananda Sagar University created by the Act passed by the Karnataka State government in 2014, built on an adorable legacy and inspired by its own milestones, it has consistently met the needs of quality higher education in this rapid changing global economy and works hard to masters itself as a leading university in India.

DSU is a proud member of the Dayananda Sagar Institutions family. Founded in the early sixties, with just four students, DSI has morphed into global education power house, spread over five campuses, catering to the education needs of over 17,000 students.

Operating under the aegis of the Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Peetha Trust in Bengaluru, DSI has enabled the transformation of tens of thousands of young Indian and international citizens into professionals in diverse specializations.

Dayananda Sagar University offers courses in Engineering, Computer Applications, Sciences, Arts and Management under three-tier system with degrees in Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. Supporting the academic activities are the Centres of Excellence in ICT, Health Care, Energy and Life Science, among other fast evolving fields of study.

The university aims to excel in Executive Education by making it available for working professionals, offering programs at affordable costs on a flexible platform in many areas of learning and to keep in pace with ever changing technology, practices and demographics, thus maintaining relevant to the industry requirements.

To accomplish this task effectively, the program strives to bring in faculty from different areas to make learning effective. Our faculty recognizes and provide academic and career guidance with enthusiasm and encouragement in all emerging disciplines attuned to the rapidly evolving global economy with professional experience and knowledge.



As a key differentiator in most cases, for most organizations chasing competitive advantage is the quality of their managers. The need and importance for executive development arises because of the certainty of this fact and greatest efficiency is achieved in most cases, when organizations create an internal managerial pool. In such situations, organizations strive to develop talented employees by enhancing skills and competencies to meet the future demand.

Our Society is in a state of flux, being impacted by globalization, technology, demographic trends and shifting centres of power and influence. At the more micro level, executive suffer with obsolescence and job loss. Executive Education programs from Dayananda Sagar University, aims to provide working executives higher education with great quality to mitigate these issues.

CEE consistency engages with industry and manages programs for the working professionals.

Executive MBA

Sharpen your leadership skills with the Executive Masters in Business Administration from

Dayananda Sagar University!


In a rapidly growing economy, the demand for a more educated and skilled workforce continues to grow. Jobs that require dual degree in education are much in demand, and those who can’t adapt themselves to this changing situation lag in both promotion and in pay. Thus, the need for an effective, relevant and affordable higher education system grows more important every year. In other words, higher education – whether it’s a four-year, two-year, or certificate program – is now a necessity, not a luxury.

The Executive MBA and associated courses for working professionals, is a program designed on a flexible platform of delivery that combines the benefits of classroom interaction with the reach of technology, the part-time course offers an opportunity for working professionals to upgrade their skills, acquire better employment opportunities and transition in their careers in this complex world of changing technologies and work practices without leaving their jobs.

This part-time program is an initiative with an endeavour to allow access to quality higher education with an international perspective, for a large mass of working professionals. Thus, the program also fulfils the social need by producing quality professionals.


✓ To allow working professionals to continue their higher education and acquire better employable skills.

✓ To facilitate working professionals to brand themselves by acquiring a management post graduate degree from a profound university.

✓ To provide an opportunity for working professionals to upgrade their skills and scale up the corporate ladder.

✓ To address industry relevant theories, concepts through best-in-class practices and applications to prepare leaders for the global marketplace.

✓ To disseminate contemporary management theories and practices.

✓ To integrate the latest management concepts with current industry needs.

✓ To create managers with great entrepreneurial skills, self-efficacy, strategic insight and confidence.

✓ To allow learning to be both synchronous and asynchronous giving students immense control over their learning.

✓ To make learning a truly adaptive process; allowing a student to learn at his/her own pace and giving them adequate time to complete the courses successfully.


✓ In many cases the working executives are unable to afford the opportunity cost to acquire a full time, two year MBA program.

✓ Cost of full time programs is rising with reducing returns.

✓ Technology allows us to deliver appealing programs to remote areas.

✓ These programs allow working executives to network on a professional platform.

✓ In a world where careers are no more the norm, skills and jobs are extremely important.

✓ A management qualification allows a working professional to assuage some of the uncertainties that plague careers.


✓ The Executive MBA will be awarded by Dayananda Sagar University.

✓ Class sessions conducted on alternate week-ends.

✓Course duration-16 months, with 30 months validity. Validity can be further extended for a period of twelve months on payment of a reenrolment fee, thus allowing a great degree of flexibility.

✓ Allows student to acquire multiple specializations on a continuous basis.

✓An accelerated, interactive and self-paced course for working professionals with great flexibility, allowing students to attend classes from remote locations.

✓ Rigorous, contemporary and progressive curriculum.

✓ Regular update of elective courses to reflect the needs of industry.

✓ A very significant personal interactive component, with industry leaders and subject experts.

✓ Help participants to understand contemporary theories and apply them at work.

✓ Applications to think critically about complex issues of global business and develop feasible international business plans.

✓Enhances career opportunities and marketability of working professionals in the global workplace.

✓ The program aims to attract a diverse group of working professionals from industries such as large private organizations, MNC’s, public sector undertakings, NGO’s, SME’s, mid-size companies, armed forces personnel and family businesses to give students a robust peer groups.


✓ Executive MBA is spread across sixteen months, four trimesters of four months each and a capstone project.

✓ The weekend program is so designed to offer an executive a strong flavour of general management.

✓ With the accelerating pace of competition, companies are defined by innovative strategies.

In this Executive Education program, a student will explore how to develop ground breaking strategies and action plans for execution, forecast industries new evolution, and analyse strategic trade-offs in order to ultimately build and sustain the company’s competitive advantage.

The pedagogy for the program is shaped around interactive lectures; mandatory hands-on assignments and case study analyses.

Through the program an executive will find the following recurring themes with reference to strategy and its implementation after a solid foundation of general management.