Rukmini Ganapathy

Buhler(India) Pvt. Ltd, as a Deputy Manager (S & OP).

After carrying out an extensive search and due diligence I found outstanding professors, superbly crafted program with case studies, hence an Executive MBA at DSU.


I’m Rukmini Ganapathy, and work at Buhler (India) Pvt. Ltd., as a Deputy Manager – Head of Order Processing and in- charge for S&OP, Project Support for Supply Chain Management. I have diverse experience of more than years in different areas.

I opted to do an Executive MBA program at Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore after carrying out an extensive search and due diligence. I chose DSU due to the following reasons:

  • Experienced and outstanding professors, with a superbly crafted program. I find the case studies from top business schools particularly useful for learning management concepts.
  • Great physical infrastructure
  • Fees for the course is affordable
  • The program is very flexible and I can balance my personal and official life since we have the option to do attend class sessions either in class or online.
  • I’m sure that this excellent program will make me a better manager and aid my career progression and my organization’s strategic goals.

I thank Buhler (India) for sponsoring me to this excellent management program.

Deep Samanta

Altisource as MIS Specialist.

I find the Executive MBA program at Dayananda Sagar University unique, with each student having a professor’s individual attention and mentorship.


In the face of an extremely competitive market economy and the industry, it is very important to continually learn and enhance managerial skills in order to ensure career progression and advancement. DSU is a leading institution imparting education for close to seven decades and comes with world-class faculty, great infrastructure, and resources.

I find the Executive MBA program offered by Dayananda Sagar University unique, in the sense that the cohort size is extremely manageable and each student has the professor’s individual attention and mentorship. The professors are accessible and friendly. I think that it is the right place to gain knowledge and confidence, become better managers and develop transferable skills and core competencies as the program content is carefully chosen and taught by industry experienced faculty.

The case studies used in class are brilliant and sourced from the world’s greatest universities. I’m excited to be doing this program at DSU.

Praveen Kumar Shetty

Manager –HR, Buhler India Pvt. Ltd

EMBA at DSU has professors from IIT and IIM background, with their vast experience, they have very simple way of teaching with real-life examples and situations.


The Executive MBA program from Dayananda Sagar University meets all of my expectations.  With over twelve years of work experience, I knew it was going to be challenging, but to be honest when I started the program it was in my mind that I will revisit what I already know so I could get a piece of paper to hang on my wall (Degree Certificate).  Instead, I am learning more than I ever could have imagined, and most importantly, have changed the way I approach my business and my career.

Through this journey, I have discovered a whole new range of skills and interests in subjects and my thinking parachute has opened up and I could see many changes in my professional outlook and started to see things in a different way.

The Executive MBA program at DSU is the perfect solution for any busy professional looking to develop their business skills and accelerate their career. This program is carefully designed by highly knowledgeable academicians and industry experts and strives to mold the working professional to be better managers.

At the EMBA program, most of the professors are from IIT and IIM background and with their vast experience, they take us through the program using a very simple way of teaching with real-life examples and situations. Their critical evaluation and feedback on our assignments make us delve deep into the concept. The professors are highly focused on each student and classroom interaction is a useful learning tool.

There is much more to the program than what I initially expected. It has been much more than an educational experience. It has been a phenomenal leadership training, personal growth and professional development experience as well.

I could well manage my work life balance with very flexible schedules and exam pattern and I highly recommend the program to my fellow working professionals, and at last proud to be part of this program!!